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The other capital of companies with a rapid emerging value, which is the source of success in addition to financial capital is PEOPLE.


We guarantee success with gathering and combining the product/service know-how, business development, technology, experience and human behavior.


ALFA is a multi-disciplinary consultancy company that has conducted all the projects it was involved in successfully.



Every project has unique characteristics.


EXPERIENCE is the key success factor to being aware of what, why and how to do, and to implement the right method to the Project. 


ALFA, has implemented the necessary methodologies to its structure by using the EXPERIENCE which was obtained from the European Union and the World Bank, as well as national and international projects.



A good TEAM exists behind each success.


From business to sport and to art, a team can be found behind every successful person or business.


ALFA is a company which matures with its success, managing the change with its innovative approach, and becoming a bigger team with each project.


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