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ALFA was founded by the first Computer Engineering graduates of Turkey and performing its operations since 1998. The know-how and experience which has been got in IT sector is the starting point of the multi-disciplinary consultancy services given to public and private sector. ALFA is providing consultancy and project development services in the following areas as an independent company and cooperating with a number of reputable local and international companies. 


Management Consultancy,

Consultancy in IT and Informatics,

Consultancy in Energy,

Participatory Project Management


As a result of this cooperation, ALFA has got a lot of know-how and power which turn into large-scale projects and project management experiences.


All the works that have been done are solution based, because ALFA has no hardware/ software/ consultancy representations.  

ALFA is running the operations with a core team consisting of experienced key staff in different disciplines. The staff have been defined and assigned from the expert pool based on the project requirements and facilities. The success of the projects have been guaranteed and authentic solutions have been developed with over 20 years experience that most of the core staff already have.

There are other activities such as developing solutions using several technology and security products, buying, selling and production are running as well as consultancy.


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