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ICT is an indispensable business component which considers technology integrated with humanity and environment. 


ALFA provides ICT consultancy services for both the public and private sector in the following areas:


IT Project Management

IT Service Management

IT Governance

Product and Service Management 

Feasibility Studies and Technical Requirements

Strategic Planning and Road Maps


ALFA has no representation of hardware and software companies, so the services given are based on solution rather than product.





The target market of the energy sector consists of big construction groups, public sector customers, municipalities and power plants. We are giving consultancy services to the companies which are planning to construct refinery plants. Our services also include feasibility services for the natural gas privatization projects. ALFA is able to give consultancy services at every step of this tender process, including getting financing from the international market with valuable partners.



It becomes inevitable for companies to adopt the rapidly changing conditions, in order to survive in the increasing competition in every sector. Government Institutions also require consultancy services in areas like employee satisfaction, institutionalization, time management, branding, etc.


ALFA provides management consultancy services for both the public and private sector in the following areas:


Corporate Governance

Bussiness Process Analisys and Modelling

Feasibility Studies

Strategic Planning and Road Maps

'TechnoSME' Consultancy Service Package 

Privatization Projects Consultancy

Communication with Government Sector

Assured Real Estate and Mediation




An expert personnel is required with the necessary know how and capability in 'Project Management' as the appearence of 'Project' concept in our lives. ALFA provides the project management services both public and private sector with the 'Participatory Project Management' methodology. The projects are being managed effectively and result oriented way and project managers assigned are experienced in national and international projects as well as European Union and World Bank projects.

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